Sunday, April 15, 2012

UFO sited

Okay so it only took  me 2.5 months to finish this little shirt.  I cut out a 2T and really should have cut 18-24 months.  I guess just doing a chest measurement is not good enough for sizing.  The shirt fits but the neck line is very low and almost off Lydia's tiny shoulders.
Hopefully it will fit in a few months because I do love how it turned out.

I used a pale blue/grey polka dot cotton fabric by Lakehouse.  The collar and ruffle are a bleached muslin.  

I loved these little anchor buttons.  They are a bit 'cutesy' but sometimes you just gotta go with it.  I tend to over think fabric/notion purchases and these buttons were just on a whim.  

I love Oliver + S patterns but I do believe my future success will depend on my precise measurements.  I am so new to garment sewing.  I am assuming you take the measurements and you make the exact size that is suggested for that measurement.  Is there ease already added in?  Maybe that sounds stupid but I honestly have no idea.  When I cut the 2T size I am sure I was thinking that I should give her a little growing room.  
Also kids sewing is a different from adult sewing in this matter.  I want there to be growing room but I am not interested in sewing Lydia an entire wardrobe of 'tent' like shirts.  

This is a picture of Lydia wearing her shorts.  It is going to be a high of 79 degrees in Asheville today so they are more than appropriate!   

Maybe you were wondering why I am posting a 'leg' only picture...

Cute as she is these are the types of faces I get for most pictures.  Love this little girl.


  1. I haven't sewn the family reunion, but I have sewn many other O+S patterns, take a look at the back of the pattern measurements as well as the measurements on the instruction sheet. One will have "finished measurements" and one will have "body measurements". You will want to choose your size based on body measurements. Learned that one the hard way too:) I also made up a tent garment until I realized there were two different set of measurements!

  2. thank you so much for those simple but so important words of wisdom! i will make sure to actually look to see what measurements i am looking at and using for sizing.
    it can be a steep learning curve when making clothing. i am totally scared to attempt adult clothing. mistakes in sewing can be costly. compared to knitting where you can almost always rip it out and start over :)

  3. No problem! Like I said, I figured it out the hard way, ha! But I find that o+s is very true to their measurements. I am making a few items for my niece and her mom didn't believe I needed her measurements, she wanted me to just make a 3t since that is what she will wear in RTW soon, but her measurements put her in 18-24. Makes a big difference!

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