Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trying to be positive

Hopefully I will not be the only person on earth that knows I exist on Etsy (other than my super sweet mother-in-law who will probably buy a baby bib just so SOMEONE buys one).  Has anyone else started selling anything on Etsy?  Maybe I will find someone to commiserate with.  Not complaining but I guess I just can't see how people suddenly find me little space of the internet.
Sorry for venting about feeling small in a big big world.
Other the other hand I am happily sitting here watching my 15 month old read her tiny books, rip up my notebook paper, and genuinely enjoy herself.  So fun to see her play.
Good night!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

busy busy bee

I made this sweet car seat canopy for my sister-in-law Jodie.  She is due in late April with her third little girl!  I hope she likes the finished product!  

I made a little peek-a-boo hole so that she could check on the little angel.

Okay, so this is my first attempt at the Oliver + S Family Reunion pattern-- view B.  It has gone fairly well so far.  I should have trimmed the collar a little better and I am kinda stuck at the button placket and hemming.  Must.Push.Forward.

I made it three quarter sleeves instead of little cap sleeves.  I am happy with how they turned out.

These are pictures of the "baby snuggler" that I will be gifting to my little niece Norah.  I love this simple pattern that I found via this blog :)

Okat so my final efforts have been towards making some things for my new Etsy shop!  I have wanted to start selling some baby items for a little while now but just haven't done it.  I have enjoyed making things for Lydia so much that I thought it would be fun to provide handmade things for other moms as well! I am starting small with just some fun bibs and maybe burp cloths to make a few sets.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

simple skirts and a test run

These are the skirts that I made for my lovely nieces living in sunny California:

I used the MADE Simple Skirt Tutorial again
These are very simple skirts but I tried to focus on making them perfect.  I learned to apply bias binding the "correct" way, ever seam is was finished on my serger, and they even have their own little embroidered tags.  I hope these will be as fun to wear as they were to create!

I also cut out pieces last night to make a blouse version (view B) of the Family Reunion Dress.  I am pretty nervious about cutting my "expensive" fabric for this dress ($15.99/yd. is considered expensive @ this point in my sewing journey).  This blouse will be my trial run for getting it right the second time around.

I used freezer paper to transfer the 2T size onto the fabric.  What a great technique!  No pins, no tracing on fabric--and best of all I preserved the pattern entirely.  With children's patterns it is more than necessary to make more than one size!  Poor Lydia will be wearing these dresses for a while :)
I found really sweet anchor buttons and bought the rest of the notions this afternoon to get started on that.  

-well you get the idea-

-total cuteness...hopefully not too cutesy-