Thursday, February 2, 2012

simple skirts and a test run

These are the skirts that I made for my lovely nieces living in sunny California:

I used the MADE Simple Skirt Tutorial again
These are very simple skirts but I tried to focus on making them perfect.  I learned to apply bias binding the "correct" way, ever seam is was finished on my serger, and they even have their own little embroidered tags.  I hope these will be as fun to wear as they were to create!

I also cut out pieces last night to make a blouse version (view B) of the Family Reunion Dress.  I am pretty nervious about cutting my "expensive" fabric for this dress ($15.99/yd. is considered expensive @ this point in my sewing journey).  This blouse will be my trial run for getting it right the second time around.

I used freezer paper to transfer the 2T size onto the fabric.  What a great technique!  No pins, no tracing on fabric--and best of all I preserved the pattern entirely.  With children's patterns it is more than necessary to make more than one size!  Poor Lydia will be wearing these dresses for a while :)
I found really sweet anchor buttons and bought the rest of the notions this afternoon to get started on that.  

-well you get the idea-

-total cuteness...hopefully not too cutesy-

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