Tuesday, April 17, 2012

fabric choices for KCWC Spring 2012

I have some plans to make clothes next week along with KCWC and I am attempting to prep for it this week.  Everything kicks off on Monday the 23rd and I can't wait!

Obviously Lydia is very excited too!

The List:

  • Sailboat pants--really unsure of the fabric.  i want chambray but the local options are not great. They need to be light weight for summer--thinking seersucker will be a little too specialized to go with everything. 
  • Sailboat shirt--maybe in a knit and a woven.
  • A second pair of class picnic shorts thinking i will change this to a lazy days skirt!
  • ALSO...
    • I'd like to add --the ruffle halter top from Oliver + S 
    • At least one (maybe two) bucket hats
  • maybe short sleeve 90 minute shirt?
  • if i get bored after all that (ha ha yeah right) i have a simplicity dress pattern i've wanted to try
Is it possible I am already feeling a little burnt out from cutting and pasting and tracing patterns?  Two of my patterns have been online print patterns so that meant a lot of assembly up front.  Normally I would retrace the size I am going to make onto freezer paper but I just went ahead and cut these out.  

It has been surprisingly hard to not just go ahead and sew up these clothes!!!  I know I will enjoy not cutting and tracing next week but that is just not my natural tendency.  I am a total 'project starter' not always a 'finisher' (especially if there is a road bump along the way!).  I learned this when I was knitting.  Luckily I am a better 'finisher' in sewing.  And of course I am still a totally hoarder whether it be yarn or fabric. 
 Cannot            re s i s t                f   a    b    r    i     c.


  1. Great choices on your list. Good luck and lots of sewing energy.

    1. thank you and to you also! i keep adding and subtracting things. i'm excited to see all of the fun things that are going to be made.
      hoping that cutting things out ahead of time makes for a really productive week.

  2. I love this photo of your daughter - ADORABLE!!

    1. thank you you're so sweet. i love your new look dress!!! totally cute love the fabric choice :)