Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Gift Giving and a Quilt

The first few pictures  are of some simple wristlets that I made a while back.  They are hand embroidered with my friends initials and another friends first name.  I think they were cute, quick gifts.  Not to mention stash busting gifts!

On to more exciting things...

This is something adorable from the book Little Things to Sew.  I honestly want (will) make everything in this book--perhaps minus the scarf...not a huge fan.  The directions have been clear (just as any other Oliver + S pattern would be) and the projects are classic but not common kids projects.

My first quilt!  In which I have actually cheated on...I did not painstakingly hand stitch all those little squares like a friend of mine had to do.  I am only responsible for the border and the hand quilting of this quilt.  Needless to say I am thrilled and hope to finish soon.  More on that later.

don't hate me--I live 10 minutes from the Biltmore House and my lovely 
mother-in-law (pictured above) and father-in-law gifted us season passes last spring. 
 the tulips were to DIE for.

These are pictures of Lydia lately--looking : coy, shocked, and disapointed.  Notice, she is wearing her Little Things to Sew Bucket hat in them all.  One side is a pale chambray fabric which I interfaced all of the pieces and the other side is just a white muslin.  I used teal for contrast stitching.  This hat turned out way too small even though I thought I measured correctly.  I made the small size and I blame my seam allowances being too generous and also Lydia being TOTALLY fidgety while I measured :)

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