Monday, September 3, 2012

Birthday Sewing, more lists and a little visit

Ever since I have learned to sew I have really tried to make my gifts.  I find that men can be harder to make gifts for.  I have four nieces and they are very easy to make gifts for.  Recently one of my nieces (who lives in California) turned 5 years old.
She is the sweetest, brightest little girl.  I made her a pencil case and filled it with fun things she can take to school (she started kindergarten like a big girl in August).

This is a pretty lousy picture but you get the point.  I was in a hurry to package her present and take it to California!

I have made so many things recently and have been so bad at taking pictures.
The list for the last few weeks includes:

list for the next few weeks:

  • Mustard Linen Skirt using noodlehead's flat front skirt tutorial
  • Finish Picnic Blouse
  • Skinny cords via running with scissors tutorial
  • Flashback Skinny Tee Cardigan inspired by True Bias 

We are visiting my family in Pennsylvania.  This is my grandma--she is 93 and nearly blind but the coolest lady I have ever known.  I miss her when I am gone.  

p.s. that is a crappy shot but that is what the double layered simple skirt 
looks like (the one on Lydia not me)
...i love how it turned out! Promise it isn't that scandalous in real life.

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